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After the big allegations court case led by Amber Heard on the Johnny Depp which will lead him losing the role of Disney World most Famous Main stream movie Called Pirates of the Caribbean as a Role of Jack Sparrow which was the most famous character play by the Actor Johnny Depp and this is why since 2017 Johnny Depp is not seen on the big screen but not only this he lost his role from Fantastic Beasts Franchise as Grindelwald.

But now recently a die-hard fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise make a poster of Johnny Depp in the role of Captain Jack Sparrow suddenly catches everyone’s eyes this fan poster was made For the upcoming movie Pirates of the Caribbean 6 and shows that

This is how Johnny Depp maybe look like this but Depp Play previously this role in four part of this movie but the movie doesn’t perform well on the box office and Critics tell that this was happening because of all the allegations and the case lead the movie on the track of loss

But Disney planed the sequel but the Pirates of the Caribbean hasn’t happened because of all the time and almost give everything to the role Johnny Depp said he was not returning to the franchise although they offer him 22.5 million dollars to him Johnny Depp still refused them but now Franchise offer him 300 million let’s wait and see what Johnny Depp.

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