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Chris Evan who plays Captain America is a part of MCU for 12 movies and his 3 solo movies and four Avengers films. After he retired from this series and also from this role he can easily come back if he wants to (or he doesn’t) if the opportunity across. His last movie with MCU is Avengers where in the last scene when they defeat Thanos. Captain America Uses an Ant-Man Time Wrap machine to put back all the infinity stones to their Correct places in time before returning to his timeline as an old man. And after that when he returns as an old man in the present timeline he passes the shield to the Falcon(played by Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson) and after that in the Recent Series of Disney+ Falcon and the winter soldier he plays the role of New Captain America.

Chris Evan said in a recent interview that the return of me playing Captain America is a very big deal now it may not happen ‘but it may because it’s a big deal now and in support of Anthony Mackie Sam Wilson (The Falcon) he tweeted Sam Wilson is the new Captain America. The upcoming movie Captain America 4 directed by Julius Onah and Mackie going to surprise everyone by playing the role of Captain America

The journey of the endgame is set in such a way that Evans, as Steve Rogers’s journey to put the Infinity Stones back leaves the door wide open to dig his experiences throughout various points in the MCU timeline.

Even though Chris Evan is at a suitable age to continue his role, he can entertain the audience through his role for another decade probably as the door is open for plenty of opportunities and uncovered stories to be told that led to his final appearance as an old Steve Rogers in Endgame.

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