Mr.Mohammad Arshianfar

The miracle of the prayer frequencies, according to Mr.Mohammad Arshianfar:

The frequency research team, under the supervision of Prof.

Arshianfar, uses prayers and spells that soothe people’s sensations and spirits in the form of subliminal files to deliver hidden messages to the subconscious mind and make the nerves relaxed.

Indeed, these frequencies can help people live in peace and bring them a life full of spirituality and prosperity.

You might have heard or met people who had incurable diseases, where there was no hope for surviving, and then they recovered and surprisingly overcame their killing illness.

In most cases, doctors and scientists have no scientific explanation and are amazed by the result. Such cures are not expected by science and are infrequent; therefore, they can only be considered a miracle.

However, no one has been able to prove the ability of miracles so far!

What drives a miracle to happen?

Although it is complicated to explain this, everyone has at least once felt the impact and miracle of praying from the bottom of their heart.

Praying can bring miracles and make the impossible come to reality.

The power of praying turns your life into something meaningful and opens the doors to new paths. Studies show that believers in the influence of prayer and its miraculous impression feel more peace in mind and have better psychological security.

This can be the most obvious reason for praying.

In order to achieve your goals and make your wishes come true, you need to believe that they are going to happen very soon and fulfill your desires.

You should believe in your prayers so that they will reach you and lead you to what you want.





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