Brushing Up the Basics of a Double Battery Inverter


A double battery inverter is a great choice for homes that experience power cuts for long hours. The inverters that have a VA rating of less than 1500 are known as low-capacity inverters and support only one battery. In contrast, the inverter with a VA rating of 1500 or more are called high-capacity inverters and can support multiple batteries.

What is a Double Battery Inverter?

A double battery inverter is a type of inverter that works on a 24V system where 2 batteries of 2V are arranged in series. This inverter can help you power a wide range of appliances simultaneously in your home and manage your tasks more efficiently.

Now that we understand what a double battery inverter is, let us talk about the different factors you need to consider while looking for the best double battery inverter.

Aspects to Consider While Looking for the Best Double Battery Inverter

Finding the right inverter is not an easy task. With so many brands offering this product, choosing the best double battery inverter can be overwhelming. Here are some of the key factors you need to look for while buying an inverter: –

Power Requirement

This is one of the important factors to consider while buying an inverter. It refers to the total power required by you during a power cut. You need to determine the number of devices you want to run on this inverter at the time of power outage.

VA Rating of the Inverter

VA is short for volt-ampere rating. It is the amount of current and voltage that the inverter supplies to the appliances. If the inverter performs at 100% efficiency, it means that the power requirement matches the power supplied by the double battery inverter. But it is not possible ideally. No inverter in the market offers 100% efficiency. If you come across any manufacturer who promises the same, just know it is too good to be true.

Battery Capacity

A battery is the main component of an inverter. The performance and life of a double battery inverter largely depend on the battery quality. The capacity of the battery is measured by the number of hours for which it is able to provide power to the devices. It is usually measured in Ampere hours (Ah). Make sure to calculate the battery capacity to get the right inverter for your home.


The brand from which you buy the double battery inverter can determine the quality of the product. Make sure to buy it from a trusted manufacturer that offers a guarantee of safety. Buying from a reputed brand would mean higher performance and better quality & design. Therefore, make sure to pick your company carefully.


It is crucial that the inverter is safe to use. The safety of a double battery inverter is determined by its performance at higher temperatures. If the inverter works well at elevated temperatures, it can be considered safe.


Having a long warranty period means that you will be able to avail of the services free of cost for an extended period of time. Make sure that the company offers a long warranty period for the inverter.

A double battery inverter is a device that can help you run multiple heavy appliances during a power outage. It is a device you should have if you live in an area where power cuts are frequent. If you are looking to buy a double battery inverter, you can consider brands such as Luminous. They offer quality inverters at affordable prices.


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