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In a recent video released by Netflix of the blockbuster series The Stranger Things Season 4 where Vecna’s detailed special effects makeup and complicated prosthetics. The video gives a glimpse of how Jamie Campbell Bower is transformed into the deadly villain Vecna for Stranger Things season 4.

After fining a monster in the Battle of Starcourt in season 3, the makers have introduced their ultimate villain, referred to as Vecna by the Hawkins crew and later revealed as One in the Season 4 of The Stranger Thing. The audience and fans cannot see the struggle and time invested to create this Villain each day, the interesting part is that Vecna was not created using CGI, and the makeup department spent hours every day transforming actor Jamie Campbell Bower into this season’s villain “VECNA.”

The released video from sets from the set of Stranger Things shows the makeup and prosthetics team’s challenging part to bring Vecna to life so that he can take other character’s life in the series later.

This shows right from the beginning what steps are taken for the process, it begins with Jamie Bower stepping into the makeup chair, and from here the game of creating begins!! Further the special makeup effects and prosthetics artist Barrie Gower, the team then works on the accurate details of the villain’s impression, assuring that they get every track and create the perfect outcome.

In the short video, the creation begins with the face and then back and every other detail. The show’s creator Duffer’s brother wanted to use as many practical effects as possible when creating Villian Vecna.

The costume and makeup were so ultimate and mind-blowing mixed with the 80s science-fiction and horror film features. 

The actor Jamie Campbell Bower even made his co-star Millie Bobby Brown burst into tears after he abruptly pranked her during their Mind Lair scenes.

According to the star he has to invest 6 to 7 hours every day for transforming into Villian Vecna.





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