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BTS part V, alongside the remainder of his Wooga Squad individuals, entertainers Park Seo-joon, Choi Woo-shik and Park Hyung-sik  went ice skating, fishing, and had a blowout in the most recent mystery of In the Soop Friendcation. Taking to its YouTube direct In The Soop TV, the group dropped the ‘Official Teaser 3’ on Monday. 

As the video began, Peakboy and Park Seo-joon joined Woo-shik, V and Hyung-sik for Alluding to the idea of the Wooga Squad being a piece of the show, Seo-joon asked V, “How did this occur said, while Seo-joon added, “This Peakboy then asked the cameraperson in the event that everything was ‘unrehearsed’. V answered,  could attempt it that V said to him before, “We should take care of business” and V said, “Believe me.”

The following piece of the ‘four-day friendcation trip’ throughout the colder time of year season this year. Peakboy inquired, “Do carry on like we’re having some good times?” and Seo-joon answered, “Not acting, have some good times seriously.” The video next showed Peakboy proposed fishing, Woo-shik said pit fire and V recommended ice skating.

Then, the Wooga Squad went fishing and said, “It’s beginning to feel like Peakboy wa how to get fish. From BTS’ V and Seo-joon messed  ice skating arena all took a  hot tub sat outside sparklers. As they lounged around Peakboy discussed “I’ve never said ‘Could you attention to me one time only? “That one time” Hyung-sik said, “I’m bad at communicating.” V said, “My walls are down when I’m with you all.” Seo-joon added, “On whole know one another.

As the video reached a conclusion, together in V, “Taehyung, would you say you are crying?” sweeping from his face and said, “He’s crying.” A third individual inquired, “What? For what reason would you say you are crying? What’s going on?” The a brief look at their home. The show will air on July 22 on Disney+ and fans episodes each Friday at 11 PM (KST) (7.30 pm IST).





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