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Season 5 of the blockbuster series The Stranger Things will be majorly focused on the Hawkins, this leaves the newly introduced character Argyle’s future in a mystery will the character return to California.
The Stranger Things Season 5 will focus on the Hawkins and especially Eleven and the Gang, leaving Argyle’s role in the final installment a mystery. Argyle (Eduardo Franco) was one of the new characters introduced in Season 4 of The Stranger Things along with Eddie Munson.

He began his journey as his best friend of Jonathan in California, as a funny character. Argyle equally participates in the fight with VECNA and the Upside Down when the Byers family uses his Surfer Boy Pizza van for a dangerous cross-country road trip.
however in part 2 of Season 4 where Mike, Eleven, Jonathan, Will, and Argyle arrive two days after the death of Max in a destroyed Hawkins. We already saw that Eleven reunites with her superhero Dad Hopper, meanwhile, Nancy meets Jonathan and the Byers boys meet their mother also.

At the end of volume 2 of The Stranger Things, when the Upside Down has officially taken over in the installment’s closing scene over the Hawkins as the dark clouds rise all over again and Eleven along with her gang was present there but Argyle was missing from there. All of them were watching the changing condition and looking out for the destruction of their town.
Previously the Byers family moved out of Hawkins to keep Eleven safe and escape the reminders of grief and pain in Hawkins. The ending of volume 2 of The Stranger Things presents the return of Hopper Eleven needing to stay in Hawkins to fight Vecna. The creators of the show have already confirmed that Season 5 will have everything revolving around Hawkins itself.





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