BTS’ Suga shocks fans as he plays out live for first time in front of an audience with PSY  – Casey Weekly


BTS part Suga shocked his fans as he played out his tune That with artist PSY at the last option’s show. On Saturday, Suga showed up in front of an audience at the Summer Swag 2022. This was  Suga and PSY performed live to the melody.

For the show, Suga wore a white T-shirt, beige shirt, blue tore denims and shoes. The vocalist performed with PSY in the midst of cheers from the crowd. As  provided fans with a brief look at his ‘mic drop’ second. He later embraced a gesture of blowing kisses to the crowd and waved at them.

Taking to Twitter, fans their shock “Min Yoongi performing on this is crazy.” Another fan said, “Yoongi looks so great.” “The shouts for Min Yoongi, his energy, his exhibition, his dance moves, the mic drop toward the end, charming connection with PSY, goodness golly I am going crazy here!” read a tweet.

After the show, Suga shared his photos on Instagram. In the photographs, clicked at the scene, Suga gave various  He subtitled the post, “hello, I”, the start of his section in That That. PSY likewise shared a clasp which included him performing at the show and later having a dinner. He expressed, “Yesterday felt like dream… Furthermore.”

Recently in April, PSY and Suga worked together for That That, the main track from PSY ninth. The tune has been created by Suga. PSY ninth incorporates a few joint efforts of the vocalist including a front of Jermaine Jackson and Pia Zadora’s 1984 single When the Rain Begins to Fall with Hwa Sa of MAMAMOO, and Happier with K-pop craftsman Crush.

About with PSY, Suga was cited by, “from the start, since my senior  very much regarded in the business I was very apprehensive. It seemed like working with it made the songwriting tomfoolery. We became best buds as it were.”





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