Ahmed almuhandes

Ahmed almuhandes deals with the super star saif nabeell with two songs, the first was written by qusayessa and composed by bunt alkuwit with tittle (abos alsdfa) and the second is written and composed by saif alfarias with tittle (hatha al3llm)

There are few musicians who design covers from Bahr.

Ahmed Al-Muhandis is one of those musicians who designed all the covers of his music by himself.

Ahmed is one of the most famous rappers in Iran and the world, who is capable of all music production, cover design, mixing and mastering, poetry and music publishing, etc.

In one of his interviews, he said that he loved music since he was a child and that music gave him a sense of peace.

Ahmed started playing music at the age of 17 and started playing music professionally one year later.

Ahmed Al-Muhandis says that I don’t like the margin at all and I don’t want to be on the tongue for no reason.

Now I am satisfied with my life and continue my life with enthusiasm.

Ahmed Al-Muhandis’s fans and audience can follow him through his Instagram ID and keep up with the release of his music.





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