The Dilemma Between College and Certifications. A Closer Look with Blake DeLuca


In the job market today, it’s essential to have certifications that prove you have the skills required to excel in your field. However, when choosing between investing in a college degree or certification programs, which one will help you advance your career faster? Both options are great for advancing your career and making you more marketable as a candidate. It all depends on where you see yourself in the next couple of years and what goals you want to achieve. Today I had the chance to speak with Blake DeLuca. With experience working with the world’s largest clothing, tech and marketing brands, he wants to share his opinion and help new graduates figure out the best road for their careers.


Should you go to college?

There are many cases where college is the best path for a person. If you want to be a doctor, lawyer, scientist, or nurse, you’ll likely have to attend a university for four at least years. A bachelor’s degree shows employers that you can be taught and have the potential to work in a management or leadership role. A bachelor’s degree will also help you earn a higher salary than if you didn’t attend college. However, Blake suggests that if you’re interested in entrepreneurship – college may not be the right decision for you.


Entrepreneurs, tech and marketing people should instead grow through failure

Entrepreneurs and tech people are generally not those who thrive in college. They’re more likely to succeed when they have to work hard and learn from their mistakes. DeLuca implies, ”If you’re interested in pursuing a career in tech or marketing, you might be better off not going to college. Instead, seek a certification in the field you’re interested in.” This will help you establish the specific knowledge you need in your career at that time – a key benefit that can’t be achieved with a laid-out plan in college. You can find free online courses, pay-for-service courses, and tons of YouTube videos that can help you learn what you need to know. AWS, Google, Cisco, Azure, and other cloud providers offer certifications that can help you stand out. Earning a certificate in your field shows your employer that you have the skills required to do the work.


Certifications show you can be taught and do the work!

When you take a certification program, you learn the ins and outs of the skills you need to do the job. That’s different from going to college, where you get to learn about a subject. College doesn’t always show that you can do the work. Blake states, ”It can show that you can be taught, but it’s up to you to do the job and prove that you can succeed in your industry.” Remember, employers will always look at what you’ve done outside of college and use that to determine if you can do the work in their organization.



Overall, you should go to college if you want to pursue a career in science or law-based fields. On the other hand, if you’re going to pursue a career in tech or marketing, consider getting certified in the products and services you use.






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