‘DAngel’ Girl Katharina Boger on “Breaking Rules” Tour


We talked with singer/songwriter Katharina Boger about her music, upcoming tour and her ‘DAngel’ brand.

What or who is a ‘DAngel’?
“During the work on my EP “Angels & Devils” I decided to find my brand ‘DAngel’ that describes me best in a short way. Because we all have a little  ANGEL and a little DEVIL inside of us and both fight with each other for our attention. Sometimes sassy things are more interesting even if we know that they are not the best decisions, but we choose to go for them. One day I’m the emotional, sensitive little angel and in my next song I can be a sassy, playful explosion of a devil. I feel both parts inside of me and I love to share these feelings with my audience.”

Sounds exciting! And what about your upcoming show?
“Together with Elmar Rassi (motivational coach, entertainer, author and speaker sensation) I will go on “Breaking Rules” tour.
And this gonna be crazy. We plan a show that combines great music, entertainment and illusion with a thinking out of the box as a recurring theme. I promise our all-in-one entertainment show will leave a deep impression on your mindset.”

Let’s talk about your brand new song “Breaking Rules”. It has a really cool Rock’n’Roll and Trap vibe and is the sort of song you listen to and got to start dancing. But the title sounds kinda dangerous.
“I’m dangerous – lol. “Breaking Rules” is a very positive song. I want to empower people and make them feel like they can do it all and are unstoppable as long as they find the right way. No one can stop you if you trust yourself and stop overthinking.
Everyone’s asking me: What do you want people to take from this song?
And I’m like: I want you to dance and have fun. I want that you become limitless, go for your goals and risk a little more. Play this song while you‘re getting ready for your job or when you go out on a date and you gonna feel it. You can do whatever you want!”

Katharina, you were born in Kasachstan, raised in Germany, produced your first songs in London and relocated to Los Angeles. Sounds like a wild ride?!

Well, it’s never about places. It’s always about who you’re surrounded with.
I love to be surrounded by creative and driven people who are passionate about music and love to work hard on themselves to do the next steps. So I hope my life will always be a wild ride ;)!”

Wise words of an incredibly talented and entertaining artist.
We wish you all the best for your projects and are excited to join your wild ride a little more.






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