Corona in India : 18 thousand 819 new corona patients have appeared in the india in 24 hours.


Coronavirus in India : The wave of Corona has intensified in the country. There has been an increase of 30 percent in new cases of corona in 24 hours. Corona figures are starting to scare in many states of the country. Positivity rate more than 5% in Delhi for several days. The highest number of cases came in Gujarat after February.

The positivity rate in the country has crossed 4 percent.

The speed of Corona in the country is now intimidating. According to the Ministry of Health, 18 thousand 819 new corona patients have appeared in 24 hours. This figure is about 30% more than Tuesday. With this, the number of active cases has also crossed 1 lakh. Now the number of patients undergoing treatment for corona in the country is more than 1.04 lakh. About 5 thousand active cases have increased in 24 hours. It is also a matter of concern that the positivity rate has also exceeded 4%.

The most dangerous speed of Corona is seen in Kerala and Maharashtra.

In 24 hours, 4 thousand 459 new cases have been reported in Kerala and 3 thousand 957 in Maharashtra. Of the new cases that have come to the fore in the country in the past, 45 percent are from these two states. Omicron and its sub-variants are believed to be responsible for intensifying the wave of corona in the country. In these also BA.4 and BA.5 are spreading more rapidly. The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday that cases of both these sub-variants have been reported in 110 countries of the world. WHO chief Tedros Ghebreyesus warned that the epidemic is changing, but not over.

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Corona wave intensifies everywhere from Delhi-Mumbai

Delhi : According to the Health Department, 1,109 new corona infected came out on Wednesday and one patient died. This is the second consecutive day, when less than one thousand cases have been found. However, the positivity rate is still close to 6%.

Mumbai : According to BMC, 1,504 new patients were found here on Wednesday and three patients died. BMC says that all those who died were suffering from co-morbidities. It is a matter of concern that the positivity rate in Mumbai has been above 10 percent for several days.

West Bengal : Here Corona is starting to scare. After four months, more than a thousand cases of corona have been reported in a single day. On Wednesday, 1,424 infected have been found here. Two patients have also died. The positivity rate in the state has increased to 12.74%, while it was 9.92% on Tuesday.

Gujarat : Here too after 4 months the daily case figure has crossed 500. On Wednesday, 529 patients have been found positive. Earlier on February 18, 617 cases were reported. However, it is a matter of relief that no patient died. Active cases have come close to three thousand.

Center’s advice to the states – 2% of passengers should be screened

After more than 10 thousand new cases are reported in the country every day for the last few days, the central government has issued an advisory to the states. The Center has asked all states and union territories to conduct RTPCR test of at least 2% passengers of every incoming flight. Along with this, their samples have been asked to be sent for genome sequencing.

Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said that states have been advised to conduct random testing of 2% of passengers of each incoming flight and send samples of each positive case for genome sequencing.

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