Alia Bhatt Pregnancy : Alia Bhatt is going to become a mother, shares the good news of pregnancy

Alia Bhatt Pregnancy : A lot of good news has been heard from the Bollywood corridors. Your favorite actress Alia Bhatt is about to become a mother. Alia has shared this good news on Insta. Alia Bhatt told in the post that her baby is going to come very soon. Fans and celebs are congratulating Alia.

Alia Bhatt house is going to resonate

Badhaaiyan ji, congratulations… A lot of good news has come out from the Bollywood corridors. After listening to which you will surely shocked. Bollywood’s most gorgeous and cute actress Alia Bhatt is about to become a mother. Alia has shared this good news on Insta.

Alia Bhatt told in her super most special post that-

Very soon their baby is going to come. She and Ranbir Kapoor are going to be two to three. This Good News post of Alia is going viral. Fans and celebs are congratulating Alia a lot.

Congratulations to Alia

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt got married on 14 April this year. Soon after marriage, the couple has shared good news. After the arrival of this good news, there is a wave of happiness in the Kapoor and Bhatt family. Her mother Soni Razdan’s and sister-in-law Riddhima Kapoor Sahni’s reaction has also come on Alia’s pregnancy post. Riddhima has created heart emoji, while her mother Soni Razdan wrote – Congratulations Mama and Papa Lion. Karan Johar, who considers Alia as his daughter, also has no place for happiness.

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Alia has shared two pictures on Insta.

In the first photo, she is lying on the hospital bed. She is getting sonography. Blur the computer screen and made a heart emoji on it. Alia’s happiness knows no bounds after seeing the baby on the computer screen. Somebody is also sitting next to Alia. His back is visible. It seems from the picture that he could be Ranbir Kapoor. In the second photo, Alia has shared a photo of a lion lioness and one of their children. This means that Alia’s family is about to be completed.

What will happen to Alia’s projects?

Regarding Alia’s pregnancy, it has been learned from quoting sources that the actress has completed the schedule of all her upcoming Bollywood movies. In a few days, Alia will also complete her Hollywood debut project. After this, she will complete her home production projects as a producer. Then it is expected that Alia will take a break from shooting.

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