PM Narendra Modi has reached Munich, Germany on Sunday to participate in the G7 summit to be held from 26 June.


G7 Summit Germany PM Modi Speech : PM Narendra Modi has reached Munich, Germany on Sunday to participate in the G7 summit to be held from 26 June. During the two-day summit, PM Modi will hold meetings with leaders of the G7 and other countries who have arrived there. During this they will exchange views on contemporary issues. Earlier, PM Modi addressed the people of the Indian community in Munich. Let us tell you the main points of PM’s speech.

PM Narendra Modi address in Germany

PM Modi said that today is known for another reason. The democracy which is our pride, the democracy which is in the DNA of every Indian, 47 years ago today an attempt was made to hostage democracy, crush democracy. The period of Emergency is like a dark spot in India’s Vibrant Democratic history, but on this dark spot the superiority of the centuries-old democratic traditions also won with full force, democratic traditions overshadowed these antics. The people of India have given the answer to the crushing of democracy in a democratic way. Wherever we Indians live, we are always proud of our democracy, democracy is our pride. The PM said that India is the mother of democracy.

The PM said that today every poor of India has the facility of free treatment of 5 lakh rupees.

In this time of Corona, India is ensuring free food grains to 80 crore poor for the last two years. Not only this, on an average, a unicorn is being made in India every 10 days. Today, an average of 5000 patents are filed in India every month. On an average, India is manufacturing more than 500 modern railway coaches every month. Today, India is connecting an average of 18 lakh households every month with piped water supply. The India of the 21st century is one of the leaders of this industrial revolution, not in the fourth industrial revolution, but among those who lag behind in Industry 4.0.

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India among countries where data is cheapest

He said that in Information Technology, India is waving its flag in Digital Technology. Out of the realtime digital payments happening in the world, 40% of the transactions are happening in India. Today India is making new records in data consumption. India is one of the countries where data is cheapest. Today’s India has come out of the mindset of ‘it happens, it runs like this’. Today India takes a pledge of ‘Have to do’, ‘Have to do’ and ‘Have to do on time’. India is now ready, ready, impatient.

PM Narendra Modi said that India is impatient

For progress, for development. India is impatient, for its dreams, for the fulfillment of its dreams. Today, when I am talking to you, the vaccine figure in India has crossed the figure of 196 crores. Made in India vaccine has saved the lives of crores of people in India as well as the world from Corona.

Today cleanliness is becoming a lifestyle in India.

Last year, India exported engineering goods worth $ 111 billion. India’s exports of cotton and handloom products have also increased by 55%. Today cleanliness is becoming a lifestyle in India. The people of India, the youth of India are considering it their duty to keep the country clean. Today, the people of India are confident that their money is being spent honestly for the country and is not being given to corruption.

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