Coronavirus : 12,781 new cases of corona were registered in India in the last 24 hours, 18 people died.


Coronavirus : The cases of Coronavirus in India are not taking the name of stopping. According to the data released by the Ministry of Health, a total of 12,781 new cases have been reported in the last 24 hours, while 18 people have died due to corona. After the new figures, the total number of active cases has reached 76,700. Which is a matter of great concern for the country.

Looking at the figures of Sunday, 12,899 new cases of corona were reported, while 15 people died of corona. Let us tell you, on June 18. A total of 13,216 new corona cases were reported in the country. For the first time in 113 days when more than 13,000 cases of infection were registered in the country.

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The recovery rate from Coronavirus is 98.62 percent.

After the arrival of new cases, the number of people who have been infected with the corona virus in the country so far increased to 43,311,049. According to the data released by the Ministry of Health at 8 am on Sunday. The total death toll in India increased to 5,24,873 after 18 more people died due to infection in the last 24 hours. The ministry said that the number of patients under treatment in the country has reached 78,276. At the same time, the national rate of infection-free patients is 98.62 percent.

According to the Ministry of Health, the daily infection rate is 4.32 percent. So far, a total of 42,707,900 people have become infection free in the country and the death rate is 1.21 percent.

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