TraderTV Helps Novice Traders On Their Road To Profitability In Financial Markets


The exponential rise in stock and crypto trading since the global pandemic outbreak in early 2020 is not unknown to many. As people quarantined at home due to lockdowns, the need for picking up new activities or trying something different that steers away from their usual course of action was imminent. Coupled with excess stimulus checks in their bank accounts, the most relevant activity to try out was trading in the financial markets.

A record number of DEMAT and Trading accounts have bene opened since the dawn of the global pandemic. Youngsters and adults alike have swarmed to the world of online trading. Finance gurus have taken the world of social media by storm, often giving out stock tips, crypto coin picks, and views on the ongoing state of affairs in the economy.

While the rise in financial market participating is a positive thing to have happened, it is equally hazardous for those who have no idea what they are doing. According to a Taiwan study, for example, it was found that only 1 percent of its vast day-trader population outperformed the market. Another found 75 percent of day traders abandon the market after two years.

‘People are obviously attracted by the promise of big gains,’ says Barbara Roper, director of investor protection at the Consumer Federation of America. ‘But they are just as likely, maybe more likely, to suffer big losses.’

Trading stocks and cryptocurrencies requires patience, knowledge, and relevant information. TraderTV aims to fulfill all these requirements and transform the way new traders approach the markets.

Founded in 2019, TraderTV has become a premium platform for tarders all over the world to source market news, learn about finance, investments, stocks, crypto, real estate, and more. TraderTV started out with advanced training tools for trading offices only but after the great rise of retail trading in 2020, it also began catering to the retail investors. The vision of TraderTV is simple: To help novice traders build a road to profitability in the financial markets, be it stocks or cryptocurrencies.

Select Vantage Inc and Day Trade the World CEO Daniel Schlaepfer, the show’s executive producer, have also started a YouTube channel that has amassed over 300,000 subscribers today. Many high-profile guests from the world of finance have appeared on their YouTube show aimed at finance enthusiasts and tarders.

Recent guests include seasoned investor Peter Schiff and Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary, specialists in the financial field.

Day-trading is, like with anything in the financial markets, a risk, but can be undertaken in risk-mitigating manners. In examining key topics of the market, TraderTV joins with professionals in providing relevant training and market intelligence information for traders. Using live, accurate material from people with long-term experience, the show is founding a knowledgeable and extensive vision on the current trading scene.

The idea of trading or investing in the stock market can be an electrifying one. So much as to putting a question mark on the rationale of an individual. TraderTV aims to instill rationale, sound financial decisions, and risk-management principles in their target audience, ultimately paving the road to profitability for traders.

As TraderTV continues to help day traders maximise their trading performance, the show continues to set the precedent for disseminating knowledge and helping the collective public in regards to the trading landscape.



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