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Every NFT creates different value. if it’s a ticket, pass, art, collectible, PFT etc … so the factors that create the value to a holder is different from every NFT project.

Community, people behind the project and technologies!

What to consider when investing in them?

Most important is the team behind the project, then the community then everything else. Team is the most important. It’s like investing in a small startup! Roadmap…

Project Welfaro at Dubai Expo 2020 by Kat Mozgin

What are the risks?

Risks are binary! It’s either boom or bust. Because you can’t fractionalize NFT’s yet … you either win or loss on the investment.

Any project can be a scam. There are cases of hacking Discord channels / Twitter and replacing the crypto wallet with the address of scammers. That is why we register a legal entity ( Dao LLC ) to Dao

The potential for fraud?

Like with anything new, potential of fraud is big but more often than not … you have click on something or give someone access to your wallet …  so it’s all in controlling negligence and clicking on wrong links.

A huge number of people simply gather an audience and, without finished product, promise favorable conditions for investing, an increase in prices for an NFT collection, the values of the project itself. They deceive in the exclusivity of collection or each NFT! Having collected the amount, they simply close the project. For our project we connect media companies and backup everything legally, so that a person trusts us not only by word of mouth!

Also, how do you pay taxes on the gains?

I choose not to answer that question but can tell for sure that whether you trade it or sell it and cash it out you have to calculate your realized gains and pay your taxes accordingly!

About the project Welfaro (part of Dubai Expo 2020 program)

Created by Kat Mozgin (photographer, digital/media artist, who graduated from Manhattan’s art and technology school; 2019-2022 STEP IT Academy)

‘We want to grab the world’s attention to the problem of waste sorting and recycling’

Holders of NFT tokens from our collection get a unique possibility to become co-ventures of a waste processing factory.
Every person, who purchased our NFT art will get not only a share in the project, but also receive profits from investments.

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digital/media artist Kat Mozgin





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