James Somerville Establishes Today’s Premier Creator Marketplace


Even amidst the rush for decentralization, centralized marketplaces in web 2.0 are still holding strong and providing real utility.

The argument even can be made, that centralization with respect to certain applications is imperative for efficient access and connectivity amongst professionals today.

Such is the case with the Known Unknown platform that connects high caliber creators globally to businesses, brands, entrepreneurs, and non profit organizations seeking accessible, reliable creative and design talents for their endeavors.

Founded by the former of head of design at Coca Cola, James Somerville, Known Unknown has blossomed into becoming today’s most prominent marketplace of creators.

Creators not only get to connect and pair with brands….but also network with eachother…to foster collectiveness, competition, and new collaboration opportunities.

For more information, please check out James Sommerville’s Known Unknown


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