Mehdi moslehi

The most key characteristics of entrepreneurs according to Mehdi moslehi

1- Independence:

Perhaps the first feeling that comes to a person when he hears the word entrepreneur is the feeling of independence.

Entrepreneurs prefer to work for themselves and manage their resources.

2- Responsibility:

A sense of independence will also lead to a sense of responsibility, because the individual is the main decision-maker.

Entrepreneurs feel a sense of personal responsibility for the risks they have started.

3- Balanced risk-taking:

Starting a new business requires taking risks.

It is not clear whether there is success or failure in taking risks.

The risks must be reasonable and calculated.

An entrepreneur’s activity may be unrealistic and unattainable from the point of view of others;

But they use their knowledge to identify existing opportunities and, after weighing the background and taking advantage of the experience, begin to act with a calculated vision.

The best expression for this trait is that successful entrepreneurs never take risks.

An entrepreneur accepts any risk in establishing and continuing his business.

Always ready for emergencies, monitoring competitors and looking for effective strategies to overcome them.

To be successful in entrepreneurship, you must meet all the challenges facing your business;

Not just the ones that are simple or enjoyable for you.





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