Hamzah Khan wants to inspire a whole new generation of youth.


He is a compassionate soul whose charities and selfless work for the community and his genius in Sufi music have attracted maximum people’s attention.

There are two sets of people in the world. One are those who only run behind attaining success for themselves, and the other are those who believe in working for the greater good of society and working around a bigger picture to create more value into people’s lives and make a difference. Very few people belong to the latter category, but the ones who do showcase what they are made of as professionals, and most importantly as human beings, who believe their work can have a greater impact on people around them. Hamzah Khan effortlessly fits himself in this category as a youngster who is madly in love with music and even more determined in his work for his community.

This young guy from London is among the very few who always work towards doing the greater good and spreading smiles among people. Hamzah Khan also has made sure to soothe ears and hearts with his soulful singing as a vocalist and Sufi singer (Check out his songs on Spotify, who is proud of his religion and culture and thus works committedly towards growing it in ways more than one. What better than music and humanitarian work to spread the good among others? Asks Hamzah Khan.

There is a reason why this youngster is celebrated so much in his community. He is a recognized man for his incredible work within the community for knife crime featuring in local and national news. He has also been awarded a certificate as an international nasheed artist and for humanitarian work by the Luton Mayor. Wondering what Nasheed is? Hamzah Khan, who has become a popular nasheed across the Islamic world, explains that in Arabic, it means “chants.” It is a work of a vocal artist, including hymns that are either sung Cappella or with instruments, as per a particular style or tradition in Islam.

Hamzah Khan is proud of his heavy involvement in humanitarian works, spread across the UK, Bangladesh Rohingya, Pakistan and Lebanon, and across the Middle East, which has motivated many other youngsters out there to do their bit and inspire them in incredible ways.

He (@hamzahkhanofficial) is indeed inspiring a whole new generation of youth.





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