Hossein Rezaian Kolemarz : Five Promotional Actions Before the Release of New Album

Musician who works with great determination and with great goals

Hossein Rezaian wants to tell the fans a lot of important points about professional music advertising Tips that he has learned over the years through experience.

Tips that work for every musician. Hossein Rezaian Kolemarz is a professional and famous Musician and arranger who started his career in 2010 and does more than 90% of his music work himself.

Your new album should not be advertised on the day of release because it’s too late.

But where to start? And more importantly, how to launch this ad campaign when your album is not yet complete

Five promotional actions before releasing a new album

1 Find the story behind your music and talk about it

Have 2 new biographies and publish

Make a list of 3 media outlets and send emails and messages to all of them

Update 4 pages and any pages you have

5 Match your music story with a picture story

Whether your album ends or not, you have to choose the release date

Setting a release date to reach your goal has many benefits, helping you make time management decisions

It also puts you under healthy (not destructive) pressure to manage your energy properly

Find the story behind your music and talk about it

Every album, every song, every melody and chord has a story behind it. And these are exactly the stories that make up your advertising campaign

See what’s interesting and unique about your new music, find it and talk about these stories until the day it’s released

When the artist is promoting his work, he usually does not feel pleasant and may feel heavy, but telling the stories in each of your songs makes this heavy feeling a different feeling and ultimately more personal and attractive from the audience’s point of view. Sit down

To find out what your music story is, just ask yourself the following questions

What made me write this music?

Is writing this music in response to something important that has happened in my life?

Where was I when I wrote this music?

What are the ideas behind my music?

What is the connection between me, the instruments, the people who help on my album?

This is a good question to think about and find the story behind your music. Let everything you discover become your music advertising guide until the day it is released

And on the day of release, your music will speak for you. But until that day, by telling the stories behind each song, you helped make your ad campaign (personal) and (original)

Two things that are most needed in advertising campaigns today

Have a new biography and publish it

You need to have a biography of yourself and a new album to publish on websites, forums, social networks, magazines and media and not just rely on your own page.

The following are points that should be discussed in the biography

Announcement of album release date

A short biography of yourself

Insert communication channels

Writing a biography by the artist himself can be difficult and you do not know exactly what to talk about that is both unique to you and attractive to the audience.

Placing your biography and introducing your new album on other pages and pages will cause you to be more in front of your eyes if you are in the shadows, and wherever you live, introduce yourself and the cartoon Onur Earth. Wait until they find your audience, it’s up to you to present yourself and your art to the audience.

Make a list of media and send emails and messages to all of them

Now it’s time for this information to be published in any media that helps your new album be seen.

You have to use all the chances you have, so the more of these media, the better your chances.

Doing this requires setting up a list, setting up a list takes time, and some media are not free

So maybe you need to focus on this for at least a month or more to be able to have your new album released in other media as much as possible.

You may not receive a response or you may encounter a cold response when communicating with media owners.

But you have a coherent plan and just go according to the plan you have and try to connect with all the pages you have in mind to do this.





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