Ape Gorilla NFT Project has an Invaluable Mission


We’ve seen firsthand how transformative the internet has been since its inception and the full range of its powers. Since then, we’ve been able to do so much more online, including handling our money, making online purchases, and even owning a piece of digital art that’s potentially worth hundreds of dollars. “NFTs,” or “non-refundable tokens,” are the name given to these works of art when sold to the public, via online. In October of 2015, at a convention in London, they were unveiled and first displayed to the public, and everyone was astounded by how groundbreaking this notion was. Custom NFTs have become very popular since they were first released, and entire businesses have sprung up around them.

The Ape Gorilla Club is a well-known NFT firm in this field. They’ve taken the NFT concept and given it a new lease on life, benefiting not only members but the entire community as a whole. It is the Ape Gorilla Club’s goal to aid as many people as possible, including those in Bhutan. Of all their accomplishments, the Ape Gorilla Club’s official affiliation with the people of Bhutan stands out the most. Co-founders Leon Rabten and Leona Choden Wangchuk serve the people of Bhutan as Desuup, or “Guardians of Peace,” by becoming CBO Ambassadors for the Kingdom of Bhutan. It is the goal of the Ape Gorilla Club to raise Bhutan’s happiness index, which is based on both the country’s physical infrastructure and its people’s overall well-being. In order to achieve this goal, the team is employing cryptocurrency. Support for youth education, industrialization, agriculture, and strong links with other notable figures who may be able to offer support in the country’s communities are all supported and driven by the Ape Gorilla Club, in order to help the Bhutanese people. The goal is to provide well-paying jobs for at least 200,000 Bhutanese people in the coming years by starting new enterprises and expanding existing ones. Members who buy the Ape Gorilla Club NFT will have access to business assistance software, networking opportunities, engagement for marketing, and invitations to high-profile events hosted annually. Thanks to the Ape Gorilla Club, they sponsor all of these “mastermind” activities in order to create a growing network of individuals who are truly committed to improving the future of the organization. As part of a unique and exciting partnership with Cabarete Condos, Ape Gorilla NFT holders will receive two complimentary nights and a 20% discount on additional nights at Cabarete Condos’ Dominican Republic site. Both physically and electronically access is available to the Ape Gorilla Club’s properties and amenities for Ape Gorilla Club owners.

Everyone on the team is looking forward to releasing these NFTs as soon as possible. But you’ll have to hurry; once they go live there are only 11,337 available. Keep up to date with the Ape Gorilla Club by following them on Instagram, Twitter, or Discord. Please visit the Ape Gorilla website apegorilla.com for additional information.







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