6G Network Development : Samsung has started working on developing 6G network.


6G Network Development : Samsung moves towards 6G. Let us tell you that the smartphone maker Samsung has started working on this new network.

Samsung has started working on developing 6G network.

Samsung Begins 6G Network Development: Wireless connections were started more than a hundred years ago. Today the network of our phone has started working on 5G speed which is very fast. Let us tell you that the network is going to come faster than 5G. Samsung has started working on developing 6G network. Let’s know about the first step Samsung has taken towards 6G network and find out at what speed this 6G network can work.

Samsung moves towards 6G network

Recently, the trusted smartphone maker Samsung has released a new white paper, according to which it is starting to work on the next generation network, 6G network. The name of this paper is ‘6G Spectrum: Expanding the Frontier’. Let us tell you that Samsung has also started working on 6G network.

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6G Network Development : Samsung official said this thing

Samsung’s Executive VP and Advanced Communications Research Center, Sunghyun Choi, says that they have already started their journey towards 6G so that they can understand, develop and use this new technology. Make the network normal. Samsung is leading the development of this network and the aim of the company is to take it to everyone.

The speed of 6G network will be more than the speed of 5G.

Let us know about its speed in detail. This network will support high quality mobile holograms and will also support Extended Reality (XR). Samsung claims that the 6G network will work at 50 times the speed compared to the 5G network. You can get a speed of 1 Terabits per second (1 Tbps) on this network.

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