morteza ataei

Morteza Ataei, the most powerful wrestler in the country

Morteza Ataei

Morteza Ataei, born on April 25, 1995 in Tehran, became the country’s student freestyle wrestling champion in 2015.

As a child, Morteza was very interested in sports and wrestling, and because of this, he was able to succeed in this field and win medals for Iran and Iranians.

Morteza Ataei participated in the selection of the national team from 1398 to 1400 and received a license to participate in the last stage of the selection of the 1400 national team.

He endured and the doctors did not allow him to continue the match and he was able to watch the match.

In 2005, he won the title of the third country in the field of kickboxing and was honored.

Morteza Ataei is currently a wrestling coach and teaches physical education.

In 1397, Morteza Ataei had an offer from the Netherlands to go to this country and wrestle for this country,

but he did not do so because of his emotional feelings towards Iran, and he rejected their chests and said, “I am in Iran.” I want to achieve my goals.

Morteza Ataei is very interested in music and spends his free time with music.

Morteza, who used every opportunity to study and was studying day and night, was able to win the 65th place in the car mechanics entrance exam.

After graduating from automotive mechanics, he continued his studies in psychology.






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