Meet Prez Prerna: An emerging name and figure in the world of Belly dancing and choreography.



The entertainment industry by far has been one of the most creative and artistic industries among many diverse sectors of the economy. Every year it welcomes millions of talent and provides the right platform for them to showcase their skills and expertise. With social media sector and digital media on the rise among wider masses, it has become quite easy for the next gen customer or audiences to have thousands of choice for what they like to watch, see, and keep them entertained. Although today there aren’t any people who have failed to have their presence on social media, it has inadvertently become an integral part of our lives. Audiences have loved to watch many shows, movies, serials, etc to keep them occupies and ties to their chairs and sofas. In the mean time there has been an array of new set of young talents which have proved their prowess in many different verticals of the entertainment industry. We came across one such supremely talented belly dance and choreographer named Prez Prerna who have raised many eyebrows within  the Bollywood circle and has swiftly become an known face.

Prez Prerna is an passionate and driven dancer hailing from Sikkim who has spiraled her way to the top in the Bollywood with her core talent, skills, and expertise. She is a very popular belly dancer, choreographer, and Zumba instructor and teaches many celebrities and prominent personalities from Bollywood. Born and brought up in Sikkim, Prez Prerna is the 1st belly dancer from the state and she wishes to take it to the next level. Prez Prerna has also worked as an choreographer for many Bollywood item songs and spread her magic. Prez Prerna has worked with Morani groups Pvt limited and is an versatile dancer and instructor choreographer who has performed more than 1000+ shows all around the globe covering destinations like India, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sri Lanka, Hongkong, Nepal, Bhutan, and Europe. She has represented India in many item songs plus in belly dancing making her one of the youngest belly dancers yet with rich experience of more than 10 years in the dancing field.

Prez Prerna’s talent has propelled her in many ways to receive lot of fame and recognition. Being the recipient of many awards and accolades, Prez Prerna recently won the WOW MHAHSA aspiring belly dancer award which has doubled her popularity and presence in the Bollywood. Scaling great heights of success, Prez Prerna has certainly set high benchmarks for many upcoming talents. Working as freelancer model dancer, Prez Prerna has done many fitness shoots of Shail Khan fitness products to shoot of hunk water and has ben known name on the Judges panel in many different colleges and Beauty Pageants.

We Hope Prez Prerna continues to rise high in the world of belly dancing making the country proud. Do follower her on Instagram @prez_prerna_





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