Postcards by Somnous have magical lyrics that stay in one’s head.


Somnous is a rapper/hip-hop artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His real name is Sean Rogers, and he has been writing music for an extended period now. Postcards is the first collaboration with the Cinema and his début album.

Almost directly after losing his mother, Sean “Somnous” Rogers truly understood the value of Life. At that time, he relocated from Milwaukee, WI, to NYC to pursue a hip-hop career. Somnous won’t rest until he takes the world by storm, two ears at a time, from the USA to Australia and everywhere in between. He always wanted to create a quality of rap/hip-hop music that people wanted to hear, but no one was making. Something relate-able, honest, and authentic. So he got to work and accomplished that. He doesn’t usually listen to rap or hip hop because he has difficulty focusing on songs that generally have the exact words and beat as others. There are some songs like Thrift Shop and Mercy that he has an insane need to listen to every time they play on his iPod. This same urge happens to me when he listens to this album. Here We Go has many repetitions, and he is the top-topic rapper who likes to rap about in their music; there is still something that keeps Postcards by Somnous different from the rest. He loves this because it’s not directed toward a single audience. Somnous collaborated with The Cinema, proving that rap lovers enjoy this and that many people who like pop and indie lovers may even want pop-punk. Most rappers speak extremely fast, which is not the case with Somnous. Somnous raps and sings at a smooth pace that is understandable and enjoyable. Leighton’s voice is different from Somnous’s, and they both bring out each others’ voices, especially in Beautiful, where the duet is smooth.

He has a refreshing sound that the market needs.





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