Meet Chris Burke, an EDM and Trance sensation who has come a long way to reach here.


The present is looking very bright for Chris Burke in electronic dance music.

Chris Burke is a 26-year-old electronic dance music producer and DJ from Aberdeen, Scotland. He produced pop, rock, and country music in his late teens under Cold California’s moniker. Burke decided to get into the electronic dance music world on his 24th birthday. Within two years of being involved in the EDM scene, Chris Burke has gained millions of streams and collaborated with top artists such as Klaas, Christina Novelli, and Grammy-nominated vocalist Jeffrey Jey.

His passion for music was not an overnight fever. From his childhood, he had some good taste in music. He listened to Eminem, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, and Biffy Clyro. All these legends were also becoming popular in the online music scene. Chris used to hear Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana on loop those days. He went to his first-ever concert with his father in 2007, where Foo Fighters were performing. Chris got into the EDM scene through Calvin Harris. He had not met Calvin at that time. Chris just found his music on Bebo, a social networking site, and found it very touching. He wanted his EDM to be produced right to make the crowd dance at his fingertips. It can be the plus point of a DJ and his worst nightmare. With so many options and effects available, sometimes it becomes pretty overwhelming for you to decide what to do. The major release for Chris Burke was “Feel so High” with Australian producer High up and vocalist Cammie Robinson on the Swedish independent label, Loudkult. “Feel so High” is Burke’s most-streamed song, with 820,000 streams on Spotify. Chris handled dilemmas smartly and launched his first two singles, Space and Time and Dreamers, in 2019, and both were blockbusters. His next track – Never Really Liked You, was also featured on Club Life, a weekly radio show by Tiesto.

In March of 2021, Chris Burke began hosting In The Mix, a weekly radio show featuring one hour of the new dance hits and fan-submitted songs. The show has seen success worldwide and topped the podcast charts in Hungary in August of 2021. To learn more about him, get connected with him on Instagram: @chrisburke.





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