Joy Orleans : Exuding sheer talent, passion, and brilliance is Joy Orleans who has taken the American music industry by storm.


The music industry has been one huge hub, house, and platform for millions of music professionals worldwide. Music is an special art not possessed by many. It still takes a lot to make creative stuff and enthrall millions of audiences. Music is something that touches the hearts and makes many fall in love, making them forget about all their pain and worries. The current golden era of generation has been blessed with numerous talent who are all set and ready to take the center stage thereby entertaining people to the core and spreading joy and happiness. The young brigade in the music realm have been a striking force like no other catapulting great amount of love, fame, and recognition for themselves. Going beyond every boundary and pushing many limits, these young next gen professionals have spiraled their way to the top in many different industries and sectors, making a special name and niche for themselves. We came across one such inspiring name and figure within the American music industry, Joy Orleans who has spiraled her way to the top.
Hailing from New Orleans, Joycelyn Owens aka Joy Orleans is an passionate and driven singer and song writer who has mesmerized each and every listener with her melodious voice and tuneful songs. Being drawn towards the music world since a tender age, Joy Orleans knew that music was her ultimate destination and would pursue her dream of being an established music artist one day. She embarked upon her music al journey and since then there has been no looking back for her. She developed her own style and practiced for long hours to hone his overall skills and expertise. In no time, She propelled herself in many ways to the realm of pop music and became an instant hit singer and song writer in the same segment. Joy has performed at big stages like New Orleans house of blues and its legendary and uncompromising Maple Leaf Bar. In 2016, Joy released her debut EP “Just Like That” which became an instant hit among millions of listeners with its expert blend of classic southern soul, modern gospel, and pop smarts. Joy being an expert musician at delivering pop professionalism with spiritual fervor has given many more occasions for audiences to enjoy.
Few of her other colossal hits includes songs like- Soul ties, Starlight, Say you do, Don’t wanna lose your love, You’re so special, I am, Medusa, I am a woman, I still believe, and many more. Working on many upcoming projects, Joy wishes to tale the global music industry by storm with her innate talent and skills.





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