Boom Entertainment is a Delhi-based entertainment company failing to provide its services.


The boom entertainment company is a party entertainment service that provides private farms, villas, and luxurious apartments. It is a Delhi-based company. It claims to be a one-stop for all private and commercial venues. Prince Juneja is the owner of this company and person behind this scam. They are known in the industry for their fail ideas and worst service in events.

This company offers everything at a good price but doesn’t deliver the results. The company organized an event in Gurugram where they had arranged, A New Year Party 2020, where the starting prices of the passes were Rs.2999/-.They also had packages with a Private cabana, Poolside private area, and VVIP Villa. They were providing unlimited food and drinks. This party organized in Gurugram was illegal. They promised to close the event at 3 am, but instead, they closed it at 11:45 pm. The clients said the space was small, the food was disgusting, no proper management service, and they didn’t blame after people paid the total amount. They are only money-minded people who are busy making scams and frauds. They organized the event in a mini lawn with no hygienic facilities and disguised surroundings. The company only believes in its profit and has inexperienced professionals with no communication skills. After this scam, people asked them for a refund as they weren’t satisfied with their services. The company completely denied paying a penny back. Many new ignorant people promise to deliver 100% results but have no experience in management. They talk as sweet as sugar before getting to the event, and after the event, they become ignorant.

To learn more about them, get connected to them on Instagram at @boom_entertainmentt.





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